Brief Introduction of the Oriental International Fisheries Center

As the largest professional wholesale market in Shanghai, the Oriental International Fisheries Center(OIFC) was completed in July 2006. It is located in the west downstream of Huangpu River, about 1.5 km from Central Line Xiangying Road entrance and 0.8 km from Metro Line 8, The total area of the market will be 600 Mu and the building area will be 360 thousand square meters. A total investment of the first phase of the project will be 560 million yuan, covering an area of about 200 Mu with the building area of 150 thousand square meters.

In 2007 OIFC integrated Shilupu Market, Hengda Market, Jiangpu Road Market and Guotai Market through market competition. In May 2008 OIFC integrated Shell transaction resources at Qinghuangdao Fisheries Market. Then it becomes the largest distribution center of both frozen and fresh, live and fresh, jellyfish and shell products in Shanghai. In March 2009 OIFC was invested to build an Oriental Seafood Stall which can hold 3000 people to dine. As the second phase of the project, Guotai Meet Transaction Area, occupied 23 Mu, with pork as the main dish, supplemented by mutton, fruits and vegetables was opened before National Day of 2011, which plays an important role in lifting OIFC market function.

Integrated seafood trade, storage, logistics, e-commerce, processing, quality control, hotel, entertainment, sightseeing and other functions, OIFC has divided into the International Fisheries Finely Products Zone, Frozen Aquatic Products Zone, Chilled Seafood Zone, Live and Fresh Fishes Zone, Jelly Fish Zone, Shellfish Zone and Drysaltery Trading Zone respectively etc.

OIFC has continuously improved its market comprehensive competition for 9 years in order to realize its development aim of international marketplace,administrative standardization, business diversification, trading and information modernization.OIFC has been known more and more through show and exposition activety, network of market net and broadcast, wifi form and LED, advertisement and professional media.

At present the annual total trading volume is over 325 thousand tons with turnout 8.069 billion RMB, which accounts for a quarter of Shanghai fisheries products trading volume. OIFC has become one of the Top-Ten Markets in China and one of the large-scale fisheries wholesale market designated by the Ministry of Agriculture. OIFC was selected one of 2014 China top 50 enterprises for agriculture cold chain wholesale market at Summit Meeting of China International Agriculture Product Wholesale Market in Septemper2014.

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